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Raw Shea Lotion Bar

You can make lotion bars with almost any fats. You want to pay attention to how hard they (the type of fats you like) are at room temperature - or think of a hot sunny day maybe 85 degrees.

So for instance, cocoa butter and raw shea are both hard as a rock until they get well above 90, but coconut and refined shea will turn soft and melt at that temp. Beeswax can be added to "harden" your concoction, but too much of it will make the bar too hard to spread easily.

So, with all that said... our favorite lotion bar is simple just raw shea! if you are going to ship you would want to add about a teaspoon of beeswax per 1/4C of raw shea. If you can put your molded lotion bar in a cute tin or bowl though - you would just leave it pure.

Create a double boiler action for about 1/2C of raw shea.

If you don't have a double boiler, just boil water in a big sauce pan. Remove from heat

Put raw shea in a pyrex measuring pitcher, top of double boiler, or a container that can withstand heat but also makes for easy pouring .

Place the shea/pyrex measuring pitcher inside the container of boiling water. Make sure that the raw shea is never overly heated (that would destroy natural vitamins and antioxidants). So it will slowly begin to melt sometimes appearing to foam.

Get your mold ready in a clear clean location. As the shea melts begin to fill your form. Don't wait until the whole chunk melts. You want to keep the temperature of the project as close to comfortable room temperature as possible so that the shea cools slowly. If it cools too abruptly ,it will create a lumpy texture on the top layer and sometimes it even creates grainy cauliflower bud like shapes. If this happens the shea was too hot and the are where you kept your mold was too cool. i like to put my mold on a baking sheet in the oven with the light on (just like when you are letting bread dough rise).

Give the shea plenty of time to completely cool. Depending on the size and shape of your mold this would be a few hours to overnight. I put the mold in the freezer for 5 minutes and then pop out the shea bars!

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