Spa Services

Our Pagosa Springs facial spa offers several different treatments based on your skin care needs.    All of our facials feature organic Queen Bee Skin care products. Our treatment room will surround you in luxury, aroma-therapy, warm healing energy, and gentle touch.  We use botanicals like flower and seed oils packed with phyto nutrients to produce results for your skin.  If you are interested in our spa services, you can book online or give us a buzz: 970-316-2899 (call or text).

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Traditional Restorative Facial

Relax & Renew Signature Facial with Vitamins & Hydration includes several enhancements including Eye Renewal w/ cooling teas for fine lines or puffiness, Antioxidant soak, paraffin dips or Caffeine rich toning mask. Your hands and feet are both addressed in this whole body facial treatment. If you have the time, this signature facial will help you relax and feel like you have been on vacation. It is designed to allow you to fully release the day to day stresses of life and take better care of your skin. (Click here to book!)

Advanced Technology Facial Spa Services

HydraDerm MicroAbrasion This is an advanced technology similar in results to microderm abrasion, but with better controls. It allows more accurate targeting and treatment of problem areas and flexible controls for each client’s skin challenges. Giving the most gentle buffing for post peel or extreme sensitive skin, moderate exfoliation to deep clean pores and surface debris, and deeper exfoliation of those people trying to address pigmentation and multiple layer resurfacing.  This service will whisk away brown spots and leave your skin buttery smooth for approximately six weeks.  There is no “down time” or photo-sensitivity with this service.   Due to the volume of skin being removed, it can only be scheduled with three week intervals between treatments.  Please discontinue use of Retinoids 24-48 hours before treatment.   (Click here to book!)

Light Therapy Rejuvenating LED Facial. Relax while your skin is deeply cleansed prior to a NASA inspired anti aging facial that addresses the sun damage that we have all incurred by living and vacationing in the high altitude outdoors. This treatment is well researched and improves the skin from deep within. During the service, you lie on our heated facial table with an umbrella of lights placed over your face.  These led technology lights stimulate blood flow and cellular energy.  We allow the lights to activate your skin for just over 20 minutes with each session.  After exposure to the light you will be treated with a series of hydrating vitamin and hyaluronic acid rich serums allowing you to leave our hive refreshed and rejuvenated. This service can be done alone or in combination with our other facial services. We recommend it with Hydraderm for best results. It stimulates the growth of new collagen fibers which continue to grow for two months following the service. Now with guided meditation to aid in lasting relaxation techniques and skin rejuvenation. There is no photo-sensitivity or recovery time with this service. (Click here to book!)

Rejuvenate (deep transdermal plumping and hydration)  Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial
Hydration at a deeper level than you can imagine. That is the main benefit of this treatment. Results can last six weeks and longer with the right home care routine. If you have dry or sensitive skin, this is an incredible service. This quenching experience provides intense hydration. A unique blend of vitamins, antioxidants and humectants results in an instant visible reduction in fine lines, as well as improved firmness and a noticeable lift.   This unique service allows us to drive three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid into the skin resulting in dewy fresh plump skin that will more readily accept topical moisturizers.   (Click here to book!)

Opulence (transdermal plumping with pigment inhibiting & treatment) Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial
This facial is the latest trend for anyone who experiences dryness and dark spots. The transdermal application of hyaluronic acid and three pigment inhibiting ingredients will lighten and brighten the skin in just one application.  Results are brighter, tighter and more luminous skin. The lightening ingredients in Opulence serum include: three different pigment inhibitors and treatment peptides that stem the production of adenosine triphosphate in the skin (which is the cause of dark pigment).   Intraceuticals Opulence line will be used for brightening and smoothing. (Click here to book!)

Microcurrent (non surgical face lift) Tightens & Lifts target slack skin around eyes and jaw
The #1 antiaging skin therapy known through circles of estheticans all over America.  Queen Bee owns the most advanced equipment available for this type of therapy.  This service must be done in a series to fully see results.  We offer packages of this service in 4-packs for $600.  Most clients will want to do two series to fully see the benefits.   Feel free to book your first appointment using the link and we will be able to adjust the pricing for the series when you are at the spa.  (Click here to book!)

One day Spa Packages – Full Service – Rejuvenation

The Royal Treatment-Trifecta!
Combine the latest technology treatments for skin renewal, with all the calming, healing qualities of touch. This unique organic service uses the photo rejuvenating light therapy, skin renewing hydraderm, and the powerful plumping of Rejuvenate hyaluronic treatment from Intraceuticals. You will enjoy our heated treatment table while listening to a guided meditation.  This has all the restorative touch that we crave in our luxury spa services and your skin will be smooth, glowing, polished and refined in a noticeable way. There is no photo-sensitivity or recovery time with this service. (Click here to book!)

The Queen Bee
For our most indulgent one day all inclusive spa treatment, you can combine one of all our medi spa services.  This includes Light Therapy to grow collagen, Hydraderm to extreme polish your skin, Microcurrent for facial tightening, and an Intraceuaticals oxygen facial for deeply penetrating hydration.  Plus all of your favorite massage services. including Hand, Foot or Scalp Massage.  There is no photo-sensitivity or recovery time with this service. (Click here to book!)



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Cancellation Policy– We take a credit card at the time of your booking to hold your appointment. In the case of cancellations, we charge a flat rate of $50 if less than one business day and 24 hour notice is given.

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