Gardening Just Became a Whole Lot Safer

Say Yes to Beautiful Flower Beds- Say No to Chemical-Laden Lotion

Gardening season is just around the corner, and we know what that means– seriously neglected hands fallen victim to the sun, dirt, bugs and joint stress from minute and repetitive motion. The easy way to remedy gardening woes would be to simply not garden, but if you’re like most, treasuring a fine rose bush or bougainvillea bloomlike a rare glass of wine, you need a solution that will keep you outdoors among the plants you love.

Enter Queen Bee Skin Care’s Butta Gardener’s Hand Cream (the color which comes from carrot oil and texture so closely resembled whipped butter it was a crime to moniker this hand cream anything else). After an exhaustive day in the dirt, Queen Bee Skin Care’s founder Lynne Killey could find no product that successfully hydrated and simultaneously soothed her cracked, achy hands. Thus, to the kitchen it was, where coconut, palm and mango oils were combined to create the lavish, intensely hydrating Butta.

Queen Bee’s fresh-from-the-kitchen hand creams are full of hydrating butters and oils- without the harmful chemicals found in traditional skin care products; this makes them a safe, pure remedy for overworked gardener hands. Most lotions and creams use a dangerous set of preservative chemicals called parabens. Butta Cream is a natural, healthful solution to using lotions laden with parabens.

The rich oils used in Butta were picked specifically for their individual therapeutic properties (and to avoid nut oils, which often produce allergic reaction). Coconut oil isreadily absorbable and creates smoothness while penetrating deep into the skin’s layers, strengthening the underlying tissue. Palm oil is known for its’ high level of carotenoids (which are converted to vitamin A in the body). Externally, vitamin A neutralizes harmful elements in the skin, improving infection resistance, skin elasticity and wrinkle depth. Melting quickly upon contact with the skin, mango oil gives Butta Cream a luxurious, heavy-yet-silky feel.

Other scrumptious ingredients added to the oils in Butta create a potion hard to pass up. Cinnamon, lemongrass and lavender oils fragrantly combine, keeping bugs away sans the overwhelming ‘bug-spray’ smell (but beware, this might leave you deeply inhaling your hands). Camphor oil readily soothes aching muscles and joints while aloe quickens healing of sun-drenched skin.

Butta can be used before and after your gardening adventures: before to keep themoisture in and the bugs out and after to ease away the strains of a day in the dirt (it can even be used on your feet during pedicure treatments for spectacular softness). Even with routine usage, one 4 ounce jar will probably last an entire planting season, allowing you to garden ‘til your heart’s content!


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