What to keep handy in your travel bag…

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Grab your bag and go…

At Queen Bee, many of our clients travel for work and recognize that time in airplanes is stressful to your skin. We suggest that you keep a few things handy to help ensure you arrive at your destination glowing…

Cellular Repair caplets are perfect uni-dose facials in a bottle. Just keep a few of these in your purse and apply to clean skin. They deeply hydrate and slough off the dry layer of cells that occur from the recycled air.

Love Potion is not just a perfume by a moisture rich hydrating oil. We apply a pump or two after using those icky sanitizer filled soaps in airports. Rub between your palms and not only will you smile with the scent, but your hands will soften and hydrate very quickly. In a bind and need a little moisture around on your face. No problem. the high quality oils used in this formula are face friendly.

Spritz? Yes. Both the hydro spritz and Vivify Spritz are great travel buddies. We keep one in our purse and spritz away in flight. It will hydrate your nasal passages and create a little bubble of love with the scent.

Happy Trails. Queenie

Queen Bee Skin Care is an organic skin care company that formulates and manufactures products in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. They have been selling specialty skin care items online for years, some of which have been featured in the Denver Post and Dr Oz’s popular daytime TV Show. Specializing in botanicals packed with phyto-nutrients that nourish the skin and spirit! You can find Queen Bee on facebook too! To purchase your favorite organic skin care items, you can shop online at www.QueenBeeSkin.com or give us a buzz at 970-316-buzz.

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