Vivify Spritz and Serum. What is the difference?

vivify mist and serum Vivify is a high dose facial skin care product formulated with ultra low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid.  The new products called Lavish (moisturizer) and Vivify (plumper) are both breaking sales records for us at Queen Bee.  We wanted to explain why we created two different versions of Vivify.

Vivify Spritz versus Vivify Serum.  They are essentially the same thing.  There are a few small differences which is why we added them both to our facial skin care line.  If you haven’t tried these products yet, you can start with either one.  You apply them first on freshly cleaned skin.  (We have samples size of most of our products at

Vivify Serum is formulated with aloe as a binding agent.  The Aloe helps it penetrate even more quickly and deeply.  This is great for eye areas and targeting fine lines.  It allows you to put the serum exactly where you want it and it absorbs immediately.  This formulation is twice as strong as in the Vivify Spritz.

Vivify Spritz is easier for us to make in large volumes and the packaging is both easier to fill and less expensive.  This allows us to sell the product at $54 for 2 oz.  This compares to Vivify Serum which is $56 for half ounce.  The Vivify Spritz is great if you have larger areas of dry or damaged skin on your upper arms, legs or chest that you want to cover quickly.  We will also make a refill for this after it has been out a while.

They are both made with the same KEY ingredient the ultra low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid.  You can use both (which we do and recommend to most clients that have already noticed their skin getting better).  You can use either product.  Why ultra low weight sodium hyaluronate?  This is less than 5,000 dalton molecular weight which is one twentieth the size molecule of regular sodium hyaluronate.  That helps it sink in quicker and deeper so it plumps, restores fullness, soothes the skin, reduces redness, etc.  All the benefits of sodium hyaluronate in an even more powerful form.

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